About EIS



The objective of the strategic research alliance is to analyse the nature of the energy innovation sys-tems in Denmark, seen as part of an international context, and to connect leading Danish and inter-national researchers analyzing energy innovation systems. Through the analyses the alliance will critically assess the characteristics of the innovation systems, the innovation dynamics with respect to individual areas of energy technology, and the efficiency of the innovation systems for moving towards the long-term goal of renewable and sustainable future energy systems. 

The alliance will contribute to the leading international scientific knowledge on energy in-novation systems, contribute to training of young researchers in the field, and facilitate the use of the knowledge from this knowledge community by Danish actors. The communication of knowl-edge and results will feed into strategic development for companies, policy makers and interest or-ganisations.

As part of the overall objective, the research activities will compare the energy innovation system in Denmark with other countries, develop new quantitative indicators of innovation systems for sustainable energy systems, and monitor the energy innovation systems in general and with re-spect to selected energy technologies. In addition it will analyze whether energy innovation is part of a new paradigm of innovation (‘eco-innovation’) that differs from traditional innovation.


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